How to Prepare for an in-home Newborn Lifestyle Session

So much happens the moment you bring your newborn home from the hospital. There are lots of adjustments for the new parents, and other family members in the home. The first few days can feel like you are living a dream. Everything might seem blurry. For that reason, I make sure to simplify and manage expectations for my families when it comes to preparing for an in-home newborn photoshoot. 

1. Ensure your baby is fed

Whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, what matters is that your baby has a full tummy. Babies sleep better when they are full, and milk drunk. I’ll ask parents to feed the baby again during the session to capture those precious moments as well. Breastfeeding mothers can look back at these memories in the years to come. Bottle feeding will also allow fathers to be involved in the feeding process. 

2. Declutter the bedroom and/or nursery room

I’m a natural light photographer, and most of my indoor sessions take place near a window. The bedroom is a great place to capture moments on the bed with your baby. We can get all the siblings on there as well, and include any pets. Nursery is another great place for newborn photos to get the details like keepsakes and room decor. Decluttering these areas will ensure that the focus of the photos will be on you and your baby. 

3. Adjust the room temperature so everyone is comfortable

Newborns like to feel warm and cosy. Experts recommend that babies sleep in a temperature between 68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C). Having the ideal temperature will allow your baby to fall asleep easily, and he’ll feel the most comfortable while snuggling in your arms. 

4. Choose simple clothing for the entire family

One of the most important parts of a photoshoot is to feel comfortable. Often times, people don’t feel comfortable in the clothes they are in, and it sure reflects on the photos. Simple outfits work the best, with no logos, or busy patterns. Simple, neutral tones are always welcoming to the eye. 

5. Consider ordering a photobook 

We live in a digital world where we have hundreds, if not thousands of photos of our families on all of our devices. Often times, we don’t go through the images we take with our phones, and they get buried away in the cloud. Photobook is one of the best ways you can keep looking at your photos from your session. It can be displayed anywhere in your home, and will also be great to share with your guests. 

6. Relax, and enjoy the moment

This one is crucial, because what I want to provide during our photo session is a memorable time. I capture memories through connections between family members. I don’t pose families in uncomfortable ways, or ask anyone to say ‘cheese’ to the camera. I will guide you throughout the session to ensure we have a fun, relaxed, and connected session. If you have young kids, this will allow them to feel more comfortable as well and be more cooperative when we let them be! 


Serap ♥