How to Prepare for a Family Photo Session

How to Prepare for a Family Photo Session

You’ve booked your family photo session, and are looking forward to having your family photos taken. To make sure your session is fun, and worry free, I’ve listed some tips for preparing the family. Whether you are worried about kids ‘behaving’ or your husband ‘enjoying’ the session, I want to ensure that it goes smoothly for all involved.

1. Don’t need to say cheese to the camera

You don’t need to look at the camera if you don’t want to. Children have a short attention span and don’t have the patience to keep posing for an entire hour. They like to giggle, move around, and play. That’s what you’ll be doing. Think about an activity that you enjoy as a family. It could be playing catch, singing, reading, or tickling and making each other laugh. When kids know they don’t have to pose for the camera, they feel a lot more comfortable and can be themselves. If all fails, just look at each other and smile. Feel relaxed, and don’t think too much of it. I’m here to guide you throughout the session. 

2. Prepare your outfits in advance

It’s important to feel comfortable in your clothes. I encourage families to ditch the matching shirts and jeans. Opt for neutral, earthy colours. Mother’s outfit is usually what will determine the colour palate. Start with the main outfit, and match the rest of the outfits with tones that compliment each other. Loose flowy dresses are preferable for girls. Don’t wear tight clothes that restrict movement. You should be able to sit down easily. Avoid wearing prints, or logos on outfits as well. 

3. Let your Photographer know if there are any special requests 

There could be a specific item, a keepsake or a special accessory you want captured. Let me know about any props you would like to use. Think about any specific photo you want taken and let me know about it before or during the session. 

4. Get a good night’s rest, and eat well before your session

Being hangry is a real thing. We don’t want kids (or the parents) to be tired, hungry, and winy during the session. Ensure everyone has a good rest, and a meal before the session. Bring snacks and drinks in case anyone needs a pick me up. 

5. Relax, and enjoy your time with your family

You’re going to have ever-lasting memories from this day. You’ll look back at the beautiful photos you get, and remember this time forever. That’s why it’s important to actually enjoy it. Don’t worry about kids behaving, or husband smiling. Just relax, go with the flow, and trust your Photographer.